Designer Baby Clothes Reviews

Our children are a ray of light in life. So we want to give them only the best. Buy fashionable children’s clothes, the best toys – in general, ensure a full happy childhood. The main point in parental care for children is beautiful children’s clothing. After all, it gives the baby lightness and comfort, which is important for the development of the child, who, moreover, is constantly in motion.

Designer baby clothes for children should be, first of all, of high quality, made of natural breathing fabrics. Another important point in choosing children’s clothing is individuality. Try to help the child identify and emphasize it, develop a sense of style and taste from an early age. Branded children’s clothing will help you with this, it will give the child the opportunity to grow up in harmony.

Online stores offer a wide range of clothes for children from famous brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, Chloé, DKNY, Kenzo, Armani Junior, Cavalli, LITTLE MARC JACOBS, Michael Kors, Bebe Bombom, KARL LAGERFELD KIDS, Guessney KOSS, Kids Disney BOSS Baby, Disney Boutique, Emilio Pucci, Moncler Enfant, Ralph Lauren, Young Versace and many more. You can quickly buy branded children’s things online, without leaving your computer or running around the shops. And it’s better to devote your free time to your child. You just need to go into the catalog, select the price, product category, size, color, style, and place an order. In online stores, you can pick up children’s things for a boy or girl, as well as gender neutral products at affordable prices.

About us

Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Herbert family, Bob and Christina. We have four children: the eldest son is already in high school, two daughters are in high school, and the youngest daughter is only three years old. When our eldest son was growing up, shopping on the Internet wasn’t so common and you had to drag your baby in a stroller everywhere just to buy a pair of pants. Fortunately, these times are long gone.

The first online purchases were rather disappointing: it was difficult to choose the size, then changing the thing became a whole problem, but the convenience of online shopping won. Therefore, despite all the difficulties, online shopping has gradually supplanted endless shopping trips. Now, instead of trying on and queuing, we prefer family entertainment, and shopping – exclusively with a computer, with a cup of tea J

We decided to multiply the accumulated experience and share it with those who need this information. The steady growth of visitors of our site suggests that we started this for good reason. We will be happy if you become a part of our community and share your experience in buying children’s clothing on the Internet. Besides, please, use the information you find here, we will be happy to be useful!

How to Evaluate a Designer Baby Clothes Store?

Our service offers a comparative assessment of many online stores:

  • from business giants – to small shops of individual orders
  • from world-famous French designers to local sewing startups
  • from company stores to multi-brands
  • from retail stores to wholesale suppliers
  • from expensive exclusive items to affordable mass market

If you have experience in shopping for children’s clothing in online stores and you are ready to share it, we will be grateful for your efforts and time. We ask you to be objective in evaluating the work of stores. Advertising and anti-advertising are prohibited.

10 Tips on Choosing the Right Gift a Child

One of the most popular types of gifts for little boys and girls is clothing. If you make a purchase on the Internet, you will have a difficult choice of thousands of products, among which you should choose a good gift. If you want to be sure that both a mother and baby will appreciate your gift, pay attention to our tips.

  1. Find an online shop of children’s fashionable clothes. What mother doesn’t want her child to wear beautiful elegant clothes? In addition, with such a gift, you will never lose, because everyday clothes can always be put aside in a locker to put on something new, fashionable and beautiful.
  2. Try to find a store where you can order clothes with a unique print or embroidery. Clothes with a logo of a fashion brand will also be a good choice. This will give any children’s clothing uniqueness and originality.
  3. Consult with child’s parents for advice. They know better what their child needs at the moment, they will be happy to tell you what it is better to give the baby out of clothes. In practice, it turns out that surprise is not the best gift idea.
  4. Book a gift in advance. As a rule, when ordering in an online store, delivery of goods occurs as soon as possible, especially if you order in well-known trusted stores. But it’s better to play it safe from different force majeure situations and order the thing you are interested in in advance.
  5. Check with the consultant if it is possible to pack the item you are buying in a gift box. Perhaps it will be convenient for you to make the delivery of goods straight to the address of the family.
  6. If you are not sure what size to choose, buy a little larger than expected. Children grow up very quickly and if you give clothes a little larger than necessary, then it will not be scary, the child will be able to wear it later. If you get clothes that are too small, this can be a real chagrin for the child.
  7. When buying clothes for an unborn baby whose gender is not known to you (many parents prefer not to know the gender of the baby in advance), buy clothes of neutral colors.
  8. Prepare for your purchase. If you do not have children or your children have long grown up, then you should study in advance what they offer on the children’s clothing market. Even children’s fashion can change quickly, and in order to be “trendy” it is necessary to look at a certain assortment of children’s clothing before settling on any one thing. Here, our site can be especially useful.
  9. Find an online store with free delivery of goods. Since there is also competition in the market of goods for children, many online stores are ready to make free delivery if, for example, you order goods for a certain amount. This will allow you to save on shipping by spending more money on the gift itself.
  10. Follow your intuition. If you cannot think of what clothes to buy for a child, listen to your inner voice.