Best Aden + Anais Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Aden + Anais blanket four layers of soft white quilted cotton muslin

Cute two-sided blanket by Aden + Anais in blue and green colors suits both boys and girls. Four layers of soft white quilted cotton muslin will keep the baby warm without making it sweat. Only natural materials are used for this blanket model. Fabric contains 100% soft cotton muslin and is a perfect choice for a tender baby’s skin.

Besides, this allows easy care: machine wash is allowed at 40*C, after each wash the fabric gets softer. one side of the blanket has a pattern of green dancing tigers, the other side is decorated with blue, green and grey leaf pattern. Each side of the blanket is 120 cm.

Cotton Muslin Bibs (3 Pack)

Super soft cotton muslin bibs for boys and girls from a leading manufacturer of natural goods for babies Aden + Anais. This model of bibs coms in a pack of three bibs with different patterns in one style. One shows light blue and white stripes, the second has white stars on blue background and the third – African animals on white background.

All the bibs by Aden + Anais have a convenient adjustable popper fastening on the back of the neck. The material is super soft and absorbent. 100% cotton muslin is a choice number one for the needs of infant babies.

Pack of two large white muslin swaddles for baby boys and girls 

Wonderful two piece set of muslin swaddles for babies by Aden + Anais. Large size of the swaddles (120 cm each side) allows comfortable swaddling of a baby. Colors and prints are suitable for boys and girls. Prints are used in other items of the new collection of Aden + Anais brand.

One swaddle is ivory with a print of tender green dancing tigers. The second swaddle in a set has a blue, green and grey leaf print. The swaddles are from super soft cotton muslin without any additions. The set of two practical and versatile swaddles come in a box.

White sleeping bag for baby boys and girls

Tender and soft sleep bag for babies from a luxury brand of goods for children Aden + Anais. White colored sleeping bag decorated with gray stars will suit girls and boys. This item is available in three sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months. Holding the legs of a child, sleeping bag contributes to the better sleep of the baby.

Besides, it keeps he baby warm due to 4 layers of soft cotton muslin. The sleep bag fastens with a zip on the front and is protected in the neck area. Machine wash is allowed in 40*C. the fabric is easy to clean and becomes softer after every wash.

Grey ‘Snuggle Knit’ swaddle blanket and hat gift set for baby boys and girls

Another interesting novel from a classy brand of children’s goods Aden + Anais. Amazing grey set of a hat and a blanket manufactured in same oft and stretchy fabric (76% viscose, 21% polyester, 3% elastane). Deep grey color looks rich and elegant, allowing wearing by girls and boys.

This adorable ‘Snuggle Knit’ swaddle blanket and hat by Aden + Anais is a perfect gift set. It comes in a box with a window and a branded logo. The hat ends with a cute knot, making the kid look like little gnome. Maxi-large size of the blanket will warm the baby for more than one season.

Top 3 Aden + Anais | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Pack of four, large cotton muslin swaddles for baby girls

100% soft cotton muslin
Machine wash (40*C)
Pack of 4
Suitable for boys & girls

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Cotton Muslin Cloths (3 Pack)

100% cotton muslin (soft and lightweight)
Machine wash (40*C)
Suitable for girls and boys
Pack of 3

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Pink 2 Piece Hat & Blanket Set

76% viscose, 21% polyester, 3% elastane (soft & stretchy)
Machine wash (30*C)
2 pieces
Comes in a box


Gorgeous goods for babies by Aden + Anais. Only natural!

Aden + Anais presents gorgeous baby underwear of all kinds made from bamboo fiber, cotton muslin and organic cotton. This brand manufactures variety of useful accessories for sleeping and changing babies. The products are a combination of changing traditions, natural materials and modern exclusive prints. What else can you wish? Parents, who care about the sensitive sleep of their beloved babies, choose Aden + Anais.

The high-quality Aden + Anais diapers known for comfort and convenience for infants, are made mainly from cotton muslin, which is considered the most appropriate fabric for the sensitive skin of a newborn. For many centuries, people from different cultures and countries have preferred it. In their production, Aden + Anais combine centuries-old traditions and modern achievements and technologies.

Both lightweight and durable at the same time – it does not allow the baby to overheat when it’s hot, while in cool weather the child does not freeze. That is why many Hollywood stars and members of royal families choose Aden + Anais goods!

Many celebrities choose such nappies and muslin blankets: Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum, Orlando Bloom, Jessica Alba and many others. Aden + Anais textiles are not only of best quality, they are also stylish and fashionable in their prints.

If you value really high-class and exclusive products, then the price for Aden & Anais diapers will not confuse you – it absolutely corresponds to the quality.

Aden + Anais textiles for children and adults of high quality, hypoallergenic and pleasant to touch

The assortment of Aden + Anais products includes different groups and categories of products, aimed at both children and adults. The brand has a long history and strong traditional values. The products of this brand are characterized by a combination of high quality, reliability, safety and versatility. Diapers and other textiles have a wide range of applications, they are suitable for cribs, strollers, swaddling clothes. Before going on sale, each item undergoes a multi-stage quality control.

The technology for making textiles from muslin was taken from the Australians. This is the origin of the founder of Aden + Anais. Muslin diapers are in high demand now, as they simultaneously protect, breathe well and are pleasant to the sensitive skin, do not cause allergic reactions.

Nappies and blankets from this label are recommended by breastfeeding consultants and top pediatricians around the world! The brand has won a lot of awards among for their high quality of products.

Aden + Anais range and selection criteria for their products

On our website,you can find the selection of best selling items, as well as new collections of various textiles from the Aden + Anais brand. Besides, you can see the list of trusted online stores where you can buy these great items.

The main items manufactured by Aden + Anais:

  • diapers. Different in their size and materials. Aden + Anais produces both cotton and muslin diapers;
  • blankets. Each blanket line has a number of its characteristic differences. There are blankets for both a newborn and an older children;
  • towels. They also differ in their size, materials and type of surface (it can be both smoother and fluffy).

Benefits of products from Aden + Anais

Textiles from the Aden + Anais brand have a huge number of the distinctive features and advantages:

  • Good absorbency of fabrics. Diapers and towels absorb moisture well, so the child will not stay wet and will not experience discomfort.
  • Warm up. Blankets and winter diapers are suitable for the cold season and will keep your baby warm. Look for seasonal proposals.
  • Hypoallergenic. All materials are natural, they do not cause any unwanted reactions such as itching, allergies or redness, they are suitable for children with sensitive skin.
  • Good bandwidth. Breathable materials allow air to pass through well, so the baby does not sweat.
  • Easy maintenance. Almost all products can be washed both by hand and in a washing machine. Follow manufacturer’s recommended mode and water temperature for the longer use of products.
  • Stylish design and wide range of colors. Wide choice of assortment allows any client to choose an option of his taste.
  • Different sizes. They vary from classic to non-standard, with different shapes.
  • Lots of options and thematic categories. Towels, blankets and diapers of various types are available for purchase in online stores all over the world.
  • Light. All fabrics are lightweight, so the child does not feel the load and pressure.

You can order textiles from this manufacturer while living in any country.