Best Bam Bam Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Grey Lion Rattle 

Everyone remembers his first toy. Its image brings warm feelings. This soft grey plush lion rattle by Bam Bam Sustainable can become the sweetest memory of your child when he grows up. The toy is absolutely cute and soft. It is made from recycled polyester with an internal rattle for kids from birth.

The lion is 26 cm, perfect size for little baby’s hands to hold, play and shake. The toy makes a pleasing rattling sound, which is trains baby’s hearing. The lion is made in a cartoon style, very lovely and pleasant to touch. It is an ecologically friendly product.

Wooden Giraffe Teether 

Gorgeous toy with a great practical value. This cute teether from Bam Bam Sustainable is made for little girls and boys from FSC sustainably sourced wood and bamboo. High ecological standards in production of goods are the distinctive feature of the brand. The teether is shaped in giraffe’s head with a string of little wooden balls.

The toy is designed for a perfect catch of small hands. It is safe to chew and comfortable to hold. Take appropriate care of this and other wooden toys: hand wash, wipe the water, store in dry place. Choose the best first toys by Bam Bam for your baby.

Bamboo Lion Plate 

When taking care of the baby, do not forget to care about the environment, as we need to leave our planet for kids. Trust the brands that choose eco friendly materials and ecological products. Bam Bam Sustainableis a responsible manufacturer. This adorable lion face feeding plate is made from sustainable sourced bamboo and wood.

Cute design supports baby’s appetite and non-slip suction base guarantees convenient use. Do not boil or sterilize wooden plate. Wipe clean after washing is necessary. Matching set of a fork and a spoon is available. Even the first feeding can be fun when you offer the food to your child in such a cute plate.

Organic Cotton Babysuit Set

Tender lime an angel! Little crump will look absolutely adorable in this set for baby boys and girls from the globally recognized company Bam Bam from Netherlands. Off-white set consists of a romper, hat and bib. It is produced for newborn babies of both genders.

The set is made in 100%soft and stretchy organic cotton jersey. It is pleasant to the sensitive baby’s skin. Romper and the bib have shite trims. The hat is made in combination of white and white with grey dots. The romper has popper fastenings on left shoulder and between the legs. The bib has tie fastening.

Baby Picture Frame Gift

This item is a best seller of many online shops. People buy it as a present, parents buy it to save the memories of a fast growing baby. The Dutch brand Bam Bamoffers this simple and cute wooden picture frame by to make and display little hand or footprint of a baby.

It is a double opening photo frame, one side is for a photo, another for a print. The set comes with black ink pad. The size if the frame is 12 x 17cm. it is made for photographs of 9.5 x 14.5cm. Catch the memories before it’s too late.

Top 3 Bam Bam Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Ivory Duck Rattle Toy (28cm)

Soft, plush fleece
Polyester stuffing
Machine wash (30*C)
Inner bell rattle
Toy height: 28cm
Suitable for ages 0-4 years
Suitable for both boys and girls
Comes in organza gift bag

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Silver Plated Baby Box

Silver plated metal box
Wipe clean
Box size: 5cm wide x 4cm high
Suitable for both boys and girls
This box is for decoration and not a toy

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Blue Duck 4 Piece Gift Set

Socks: 100% cotton
Machine wash (30*C)
Rattle height: 23cm (9")
Dou dou height: 25cm (9 3/4")
4 piece set
Presented in a gift box

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Pale Grey Comforter

Soft, velvety fleece
Machine wash (30*C)
Suitable for ages 0-36 months
Address label attached to front
Suitable for both boys and girls
Comes in organza gift bag

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
White Cotton Baby Hat

100% soft cotton jersey
Machine wash (30*C)
Baby Hats
Bam Bam


Discover the world of toys and goods for newborns and infants with Bam Bam

In the world of goods for children, there is also fashion and this fashion is created by famous brands, one of which is the Dutch brand BamBam. Here you will find a wide range of gifts for newborns and items for christenings and special occasions. Bam Bam offers the most beautiful gifts for children from 0-1 year old.

Meet BAMBAM baby gifts for any taste and occasion

The BamBam brand has been around for twenty years and follows trends, but always displays classic Dutch style. Bam Bam is well known for its high quality gifts at affordable prices. Fashion and style are important to the concept. Chic, comfort and luxury are central to the BamBam concept. To buy Bam Bam products in an online store, you just need to find a trusted shop. And our service is happy to help you with this.

Bam Bam makes royal accessories for elite babies from the Netherlands! The company was founded 20 years ago and has already conquered the international market. The fact is that with all the exclusivity of children’s accessories, the price remains affordable. Chic, luxury and comfort in all manifestations are visible in every object made simply and at the same time with indescribable taste. The products not only look luxurious, they are all created from high quality materials using modern technologies. What do you see when you look at Bam Bam products?

  • a duckling (a kind traditional children’s toy),
  • a crown (a sign of being chosen),
  • delightful colors,
  • the design is designed in such a way as to emphasize the perfection of the baby.

Made with a sense of humor, many developmental elements. Functional and thoughtful. This is a special mom’s style that emphasizes status and love for the baby.

Toys for the newborns. Do they need them or not?

Young children are believed to be better at absorbing information. This is so, the brain of a newborn is much more plastic. But, nevertheless, this is not a reason to deprive a child of childhood, cramming languages, mathematics, reading into him – everything that parents think can be useful in the adult world. Unfortunately, many people believe that the sooner the baby begins to comprehend all the wisdom, the better. Alas, not better.

Everything has to happen on time. If you look at the wild, not a single cat has taught blind kittens to hunt. But in the human world this happens all the time. Often, the kid still does not really know how to run, but he is already taught to read, add, and everything else.

The first toys for children must develop strictly those qualities that are necessary for the child at the moment. Two to three weeks after birth, the baby still doesn’t need toys too much – he adapts to the world around him. But this does not mean that there is no need to interact with the baby. On the contrary, it is simply necessary to play peek-a-boo with the child, smile, talk to him, hum songs, tell fairy tales.

Then, at about the third week, the baby will start smiling in response, walking, waving arms and legs. Already at this stage, the child can be given toys. Choose Bam Bam if you appreciate the quality and we can advise you where it is better to buy them. Besides, here you can learn about best selling and most useful items from Bam Bam.