Best Banz Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Blue Sun Protective Sunglasses

These blue Banz sunglasses are made for the youngest clients in two sizes: for children under two and 2-4 years old. They have a camouflage print performed in different shades of blue. The glasses have category three lenses with an ultimate UV protection and high sun glare reduction, which works for the safety of kids’ eyes.

There is a protective piece for nose and brow, it is made from soft silicone. The glasses are comfortable to wear due to the right choice of materials. Polycarbonate, shatter resistant frame is very lasting. The glasses fit on an adjustable, elasticated strap, which fastens with a velcro strip.

Pink Sun Protective Sunglasses

Cute sunglasses for children under five are the best selling item among the products of Banz brand. They are available in three colors: pink, blue and black. The glasses carry category three lenses with the ability of high sun glare reduction and ultimate UV protection, the safest possible choice for the health of your kids.

The strap is adjustable and elasticated for the longer use and comfortable wear. In case of bad sight, lenses can be replaced with prescription ones. There is a velcro strip fastener and polycarbonate, shatter resistant frame. Only high quality materials are used in the production. 

Red Spot Protective Sunglasses

The sun is getting more and more harmful, especially in some areas of the world. Australian brand Banz offers a number of sunglasses for the youngest kids. This red model has white spots on the strap, suits girls and boys. The lenses have 100% UVA/ UVB protection, the eyes of the baby will be absolutely safe in such sunglasses.

The strap has adjustable, elasticated construction so that it fits around the head and fastens with a velcro strip. The underside of sunglasses has a protective nose and brow piece. The model is made for children under five years. It is made from soft silicone for comfort.

Pink Sun Protective Sunglasses

Another option of sunglasses for the small ladies. Beautiful pink and white gingham print will suit any outfit. The sunglasses have the highest level of protection of lenses – 100% UVA/ UVB protection. They come in two sizes: Baby Banz – 0-2 year; Kidz Banz – 2-5 year.

The adjustable, elasticated strap of the sunglasses fits around the head. The fastener allows correcting the size of the strap due to a velcro strip. Polycarbonate, shatter resistant frame is siliconed for comfortable wearing on nose and brow area. Wipe clean is required. Choose these sunglasses for your child if you care about his health.

Black Sun Protective Sunglasses

Best seller of the recent seasons from Australian Banz is expected to become even more popular this Spring/ Summer season. Climate and weather change require the use of special devices. Do not use sunglasses without UV protection. They only mask the sun, but do only harm to the eyes.

Banz offer the line of sunglasses for kids with category three lenses which guarantee high sun glare reduction and ultimate UV protection. Polycarbonate, shatter resistant frame is strong and lasting. Convenient adjustable, elasticated strap is fixed around the head.  It comfortably fastens with a velcro strip allowing controlling the size and growing.

Banz connects modern design with latest technology for safety of kids

The history of the Banz brand began in 2001 in Australia, one of the driest continents in the world. It was the peculiarity of the climate that became one of the reasons that prompted a caring father to invent increased protection sunglasses for his son. Today, thanks to Baby Banz, parents are not limited in their choice and can find products in various stores, whether they are opticians or specialized children’s markets.

Variety of products from Australian brand Banz

Since the foundation, the assortment has expanded and now all lovers of outdoor activities have access to hats, panamas, swimwear, glasses. In addition, Banz takes care of the hearing protection of babies by offering ear muffs.

The brand is well known far beyond the borders of its homeland, high reviews can be found from moms and dads from countries such as the USA, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England and New Zealand. Banz is the deliberate choice of many parents. Accessories of the Australian brand can be seen on the children of Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Jay Z. In a trustworthy online store, whey offer a wide range of children’s products at current prices.

Making an order, make sure that the shop deserves your trust. Check its rating on our site. If you have an experience of buying kids’ clothes online, share it with us. Together we form a rating system of reliable online stores for purchasing clothes for children. Besides, check out the updates of new collections from Banz and other brands on our site.

Swimming goggles from Banz for children from 3 years old are the hit of selling. The clinically tested swimming goggles are made of extra strong polycarbonate and the lenses are 100% UV protected! Anti-fogging system and soft silicone frame guarantee the comfort of the child. The glasses come with a hard storage case.

Banz collections: the priority of quality

In the conditions of global warming and increased solar activity, accessories are becoming more and more relevant, allowing you to preserve the sensitivity of the eyes and protect the delicate skin of babies during walks.

  • Reinforced housing for protection against damage prevents lens contamination. Available in attractive colors and different shapes, they are the perfect addition to toddler’s summer style.
  • Bright, durable and flexible, Banz sunglasses provide the reliable protection kids need during the hot summer.
  • Banz strives to make every child’s vacation as safe as possible and therefore offers specialized ski goggles. Models are equipped with double-layer lenses that are resistant to damage. Anti-fog properties and rigid hydrocarbonate frames make them indispensable on a sunny winter day.

The sun hats are made from premium fabric with a UV range of 50+. A large selection of models allows you to provide comfort and protect from harmful radiation in any situation. These are hats with velcro fasteners and classic wide-brimmed hats. The range is perfectly complemented by lightweight garments made to the exacting standards of the Australian company. Attractive summer colors and fun designs are meant to satisfy the tastes of both boys and girls.