Best Blade & Rose Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Brown teddy bear hat

Children need to protect their head from cold even in cool spring. The spring of 2021 is expected to be cold, thus think about warm and cozy hats in advance. Consider buying this lovely brown teddy bear hat by the British brand Blade & Rose. It is made for children from birth and up to 5 years old.

The hat is made from a soft knitted acrylic yarn and will suit girls and boys equally well. The hat is lined with red polar fleece and has funny 3D ear details. There is a name of the brand on the leather piece on front.

Light turquoise blue T-shirt for little girls and boys

No matter how many t-shirts you buy for your children for summer, there are always not enough of them. In order to solve this problem and add some bright colors to the child’s wardrobe, buy this light turquoise blue T-shirt by Blade & Rose. Your kid would love to wear it. It is made in soft and stretchy fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane).

Popper fastenings on the shoulder allow more comfortable wearing. Bright parrot print on the front looks like a cartoon hero. The t-shirt is suitable for the youngest boys and girls: from birth to three years old. Machine wash is allowed.

Pink pair of soft and stretchy cotton socks

Bright socks do not lose their popularity during the last years. Spring/ Summer season 2021 continues this trend and adds some more colors to this piece of outfit. Pay attention to these Blade & Rose bright multicolored socks for the youngest kids (newborn – 6 y.o.).

These soft and stretchy cotton socks are made in pink main color with orange trims. There is a black logo around the cuffs on both socks. Cute sleeping purple owl is featured on the front. Material: 65% combed cotton, 20% nylon, 10% polyester, 5% spandex. Length: ankle length. The socks are designed for summer season.

A black and grey pair of cotton tights 

Black and scary, funny and cute! Yes, it is possible to combine these characteristics, proved by the designers of Blade & Rose. The black and grey pair of tights are made in cotton for younger boys and girls. They feature a very unusual design: smiling monster motif on the back (black on grey colored background) and a grey monster claw motif on the front.

The tights are soft and stretchy (75% combed cotton, 20% nylon, 5% spandex) with a thick elasticated waistband. There is a Blade & Rose signature on the trim on the back. These tights would make any outfit very special.

Bright pink and turquoise pair of knitted cotton leggings

When the spring is still cold, but the mood is already bright like in summer, purchases from Blade & Rose become especially pleasant. Just look at these awesome bright pink and turquoise knitted cotton leggings! The life becomes better and faces around smile, when some little person near wears such a cute outfit.

This pair of leggings with a thick, red ribbed waistband is made in soft & stretchy knit (65% combed cotton, 20% nylon, 10% polyester, 5% spandex). Beautiful fluffy llama with closed eyes is featured on the back. A cute pom-pom pattern decorates the ankles. The name of the brand is written on the back of the trim.

Bright and colorful leggings and accessories from Blade & Rose

In search of bright colors and creative prints, you would definitely come across the British brand Blade & Rose. Its main expertise lies in production of leggings and accessories for children. They also produce tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts and socks. All the products are defined by the most adorable and colorful designs and prints of the cutest creatures.

How to choose popular Blade & Rose leggings for girls

Leggings are products that have been holding leading positions in the lists of the most popular children’s clothing for more than one year. Moreover, according to the world’s largest marketplaces, leggings, including Blade & Rose leggings have been in the TOP of the most popular products on the market for three years. And this is not surprising! In an age when the practicality of clothing is valued no less than aesthetics, these wardrobe items simply cannot fail to win the hearts of consumers.

The comfort of elastic materials is multiplied here by endless design and decor options. Due to this, children’s leggings from Blade & Rose occupy a special place in the wardrobe of little fashionistas. Girls wear them almost from birth, all childhood and adolescence. Fortunately, manufacturers offer models for all ages. There is only one thing left: to help the consumer figure out what model of leggings he needs more, because they can act as different types of clothing.

Comfortable clothing for school, home and walking

Another major advantage of leggings is versatility. The lineup for older girls includes options for any purpose:

  • laconic dark treggings for school;
  • stylish jeggings and embellished walking leggings;
  • sports models for outdoor activities.

Warmed leggings with fleece can be worn even in the coldest winter on tights, and leggings with fur – as thermal underwear under pants.

At first glance, all models of leggings are very similar: a completely tight fit, no heel, a similar pattern. However, experts insist that there is a difference between leggings, and it is determined by a number of factors:

  • purpose;
  • style;
  • materials;
  • available combinations.

There are leggings that are elastic, tight-fitting trousers that are used as an alternative to tights or leggings as underwear. Elastic belt serves as a supporting element. The decor in this case is an abstract drawing without additional details. In recent years, a small floral print has been especially popular among girls and their mothers. The presence of other decorative elements and a more complex cut means that this is leggings.

There are leggings, which are a cross between pants and leggings. They are made from a wide variety of materials with the addition of a traction element. Choosing children’s leggings, preference should be given to knitted models, the fabric of which is woven from natural cotton threads with the addition of elastic synthetic threads. They are worn as trousers, including over tights.

The assortment of leggings from Blade & Rose is of the widest variety. Some options even got their own name:

  • jeggings that resemble jeans;
  • treggings, equipped with zippers and pockets, like ordinary trousers.

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