Best Bling2o Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Blue & Red Swimming Goggles

Why someone would buy boring and ugly looking googles for swimming, when there is such a great option from Bling2o. Bright and unusual goggles for girls and boys are offered in a combination of blue and red colors. This square-shaped model has reflective lenses with truck themed borders.

They are suitable for ages 6+ years. The goggles have 100% UV protection, they are free of latex, lead and anti-fog. This pair of swimming goggles have a wide adjustable strap. Non-adjustable nose bridge is more suitable for the kids of this age. The googles come in a protective case, comfortable to carry in a bag.

Princess Swimming Goggles

If your daughter is a fan of the Frozen movie, this adorable model of swimming goggles is for her. Summer and hot weather do not mean that she has to forget about the favorite cartoon hero. These aqua blue goggles for a snowy princess has a stylish crown with shiny rhinestones and are made from soft silicone.

The 3D glittery frame looks awesome and adjustable strap is very convenient. These goggles are made for girls of ages 3+ with three sizes of convenient detachable nose bridges. They ensure a perfect fit on child’s face. Latex-free, lead-free, anti-fog – safe for children.

Pink Heart Swim Cap

Water and sun can damage hair pretty bad. Besides, sometimes there is a need to leave the hair dry when the child is in the pool. For these and other needs, American brand Bling2o produces this swim cap for girls. It has a special comfort fit, does not press the ears thus discomfort is excluded.

It is suitable for ages 3yrs – 11/12 years. The hat is bright pink with a pink and gold diamanté heart on the front. It is made in silicone. The hat does not allow hair snagging and tearing. Washing: rinse in cold water after use.

Pink Eyelash Swimming Goggles

This model of swimming goggles from Bling2ois unbelievably cute! It gives an example of perfect combination of simple design and one stunning detail. Your daughter in these pink swimming goggles with soft silicone eyelashes will be the princess in the pool. And for sure any girl would love to wear such goggles.

They ensure 100% UV protection, they are latex free, anti-fog. Adjustable strap will suit children over three years old. A hard protective case comes with the goggles. Three sizes of detachable nose bridges complete the set nd allow wearing the goggles for a longer period when the child is growing.

Pink Glitter Swimming Mask

Whether you choose a mask or goggles for your kids, American brand Bling2o has something to offer. Or the Spring/ Summer 2021 season, the brand offers this shiny pink swimming mask for girls. It has soft silicone frames, which perfectly fit baby’s head and a double lens.

The lenses are made in a bright pink with delicate heart glitter, floating within, which creates an interesting effect. The mask is suitable for kids over six years old. It comes with a protective hard case for safe storage and carrying. If you care about safety of the kids, choose this latex-free, anti-fog mask that protects from 100% UV.

Top 3 Bling2o Children

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Blue Snake Print Swim Cap

Stretchy silicone
Soft fabric backing
Rinse in cold water & wipe dry after use
Snug fit
Resistant to hair snagging
Comes with a storage pouch
Exposure to sun & chlorine may cause fading
Suitable from ages 3 years+

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Purple Meow Swimming Goggles

Soft silicone
Latex-free, lead-free, anti-fog
100% UV protection
Suitable for ages 3+ years
Non-adjustable nose bridge
Come in a protective case

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Blue Monster Swimming Mask

Soft silicone
Latex-free, lead-free, anti-fog
100% UV protection
Suitable for ages 6+
Reflective lenses
Suitable for boys & girls
Comes in a protective case


No more boring swimming masks and goggles! Choose Bling2o for your kids

If your child has started swimming in the swimming section, you regularly visit the pool together or just like to relax on the water – be sure to buy swimming goggles. This obligatory piece of equipment is not difficult to choose in size and purpose: manufacturers produce series for children under 5 years old, primary school age and adolescents.

The main task of the glasses is to protect the eyes from contact with water. In a pool or in open water, aggressive exposure to chlorine, biological media, salts can cause conjunctivitis, allergies, and lead to vision problems. We offer to understand together the features of products for children, to find out what to look for when choosing, what the cost depends on and how to properly use and store googles.

Features of Bling2O goggles and masks

The American company Bling2O specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of goggles and swimming masks. What makes the products of this company interesting and competitive in the modern market? First of all, it is a unique and inimitable design.

The company’s portfolio includes about two hundred types of fashionable and memorable glasses for children and adolescents, which will give their owners vivid emotions and good mood.

An important task of the company is to take care of the health of the customers. In the production of glasses, Bling2O uses only the best modern materials that do not contain latex, which gives them hypoallergenic properties and gives them full protection against ultraviolet radiation.

The high-quality fittings used in these products, as well as replaceable nose bridges of different sizes, guarantee a comfortable fit on the head of any child, and give a complete protection against fogging of glasses and accessory leakage.

The lenses of the glasses from Bling2O are made of polymers in the same way as for training and amateur adult models. This is a safe and comfortable solution: the plastic is resistant to deformation, does not burst when dropped, can be painted in different colors, and is inexpensive.

The frame and strap are made of silicone, a hypoallergenic, wear-resistant and elastic material. “Rubber” models are rare, as the fit and comfort are much lower. The height of the sealing profile can be different, depending on the purpose: the starting “glass” in the children’s version has a very low profile or, like adults, does not have a seal at all.

Choose the correct googles from Bling2O

The bridge between the lenses can be cast and adjustable. For children, as a rule, models with a fixed bridge are more convenient: it will never fly off and will not get lost, which can happen with an adjustable one. In addition, removable bridge of the nose is inelastic and can be easily broken if handled carelessly.

The optimal solution is glasses for young swimmers in a soft molded frame: they also have a soft nose bridge, which allows you to twist and bend the glasses. A combined case with a plastic frame and the same bridge between the lenses can be offered to a child from 10 years old, models are marked Junior.

Be careful, the length of the bridge of the nose and the size of the lenses for the Bling2O Kids models are smaller. If the glasses say Senior or no markings at all, they are for adults.

  • Neoprene Swimming Goggles can be offered. Their peculiarity is that they do not leave marks on the skin. Neoprene is a soft sponge with low elasticity, so there is no tight fit. They are not suitable for swimming or even for training, but they are convenient for fun on the water, as they do not press and do not let the water through. If the baby is afraid of water, these glasses will help solve this problem. By the way, there are neoprene models for adults too, buy them for the whole family on vacation – they can be used in salt water.
  • Swimming glasses with diopters. For the visually impaired, there are swimming goggles with diopters. Moreover, not only training, but also semi-professional and starting models. Outwardly, they are no different from simple ones and make it possible to increase the comfort of training even with minor visual defects. Some brands offer customized lenses for right and left eyes.
  • Swimming Goggle Lens Color. Lenses can be transparent and colored, with mirror, reflective and other coatings. If you want to buy colored ones, choose based on properties, not taste preferences. So glasses with yellow lenses remove glare, with blue ones – they reduce the overall brightness of the light so that it does not hurt the eyes, darkened ones are suitable for open water and a sunny day. The color of lenses does not affect the cost, with the exception of mirrors – these are always more expensive. Learn more about colored glasses here.

Check out the variety of Bling2O goggles and masks and find the model for your baby. And to always be aware of the new models and tendencies in kids’ fashion, visit our site regularly.