Best Bobux Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Navy blue trainers

In search of comfortable and correct shoes for boys and girls, parents will come across Bobux Xplorer. Making the choice in their favor, they make an investment into the health of their kids. Besides, these navy blue trainers look very cute. The design is universal and suits girls and boys perfectly well.

The upper is made in combination of premium quality leather and textile. The white rubber outer sole is non-slip. The lining and inner sole are made in textile. They co e in sizes from 18 to 22. Velcro fastening strap allows regulating the width of sneakers for convenience on different feet.

Metallic rose gold rain boots

Good shoes for children are made from good leather. Bobux brand from New Zealand knows this rule and follows it without failure. Or the Spring of 2021, designers of the brand have prepared many surprises. For example, these beautiful rain boots in such a rich metallic rose gold.

They are made in coated leather for the uppers with leather inner soles, and textile and leather lining. The best combination of materials for kids’ feet in cool wet spring. The boots have a side zip and popper fastening, they won’t fall off. There is elasticated panel with a brand’s logo on the back.

Waterproof silver trainers for girls and boys

Fancy solution for the cool and rainy spring. When the weather makes you wear ugly rubber boots, Bobux offers another solution, a much better one. Waterproof silver trainers by Bobux IWalk look very elegant,  no one can guess that this pair of shoes is so practical.

The uppers of this shoe model are made in waterproof coated leather. Lining and inner sole and very soft and cozy, made in soft jersey. These low cut sneakers have a black and white non-slip speckled rubber outer sole. Double velcro fastening straps are considered to be the best fastening option for kids’ shoes.

Beige pre-walker shoes for baby boys and girls

The idea that children need shoes only after they make their fist steps is not relevant any more. Shoes are not only the practical part of the outfit that protects the leg, they also make a great input to the overall look of a person. Thus, even when the kid is not thinking about walking yet, pre-walking shoes are a must have.

Bobux Soft Sole can offer these adorable beige pre-walker shoes for babies. They are made in super soft leather of exclusive quality. There are elasticated ankles for the comfort and baby deer face on the front with appliqué ears.

Girls lovely white and gold strappy sandals

This beautiful model of strappy sandals for girls is made by Bobux IWalk with love and care. Like at the beginning, the brand started with parents making most suitable shoes for their beloved daughter, they still continue caring about kids but in greater scale.

These white and gold sandals are made in leather with soft, padded leather insole. They have fully openable adjustable velcro straps aroung the ankles and over the toes. The sandals are endorsed by podiatrists for their orthopedic characteristics. They have a flexible flat rubber sole that does not slip. Fitting style: slightly larger fit for room to grow.

Top 5 Bobux Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Baby White Leather Sandals

Leather upper & lining
Padded leather insole
Flexible TPR rubber sole
Adjustable velcro fastening straps
Suitable for boys & girls
Style name: Jump

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Red Leather Velcro Sandals

Leather upper, lining & insole
Rubber sole
Velcro fastening straps
Suitable for boys & girls
Style name: Mirror
Podiatrist approved

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Silver First Walker Trainers

Soft leather uppers
Soft leather insole
Slightly flexible rubber soles
Velcro fastening, adjustable straps with fixed stretchy laces
Podiatrist approved
Style name: S U Sprite

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Blue Leather First Walkers

Leather upper & lining
Breathable, non-slip leather insole
Rubber outer sole
Elasticated side panel
Side zip fastening
Podiatrist endorsed & ideal for growing feet
Style name: Jodhpur
Suitable for boys & girls

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Girls Gold Leather Trainers

Leather upper
Textile lining & insole
Rubber sole
Velcro strap fastening
Comes with extra velcro straps
Style name: Grass Court
Podiatrist approved


Comfort and healthy feet – moto of Bobux shoes brand for kids

Buying shoes for children is not an easy task. Being adult, trying on shoes or boots, we understand whether they fit us or not, what we don’t like and what makes it uncomfortable in a particular pair of shoes. And the kid is unable to explain whether it is comfortable for him to wear a new thing.

In addition, loving parents should remember: good shoes for a baby should be not so much fashionable as comfortable and meet anatomical requirements. This is the only way to protect children from orthopedic problems at an older age.

When it’s time to buy shoes, consider Bobux

And here it is, that happy day in the life of parents, when the child makes the first step. At this moment, moms and dads have a question: how the right shoes for children should look like, how to choose the first shoes or boots for a baby. And the first thing that parents should remember: the requirements for children’s shoes, depending on age, may differ.

The structure of children’s shoes is standard. Children’s shoes consist of 4 parts:

  • top part;
  • insole;
  • outer sole;
  • backdrop.

The upper part of the correct shoe for a child should be made of leather, fabric or modern mesh material. Children tend to sweat a lot, so this part should be made from natural breathable materials, not synthetics. The correct insole for kids’ shoes is an absorbent product. As for the outsole, it should provide the shoe with good cushioning and flexibility. It is important to avoid very thick soles – they make the baby’s foot awkward and make walking difficult.

The brand Bobux has started in the early 1990ies, Chris and Colleen Bennett, the founders of the brand, were searching for shoes for their baby daughter. As they wanted the best for the kid, ad choice could not satisfy. The answer was found – make the shoes on their own. Soft soles of their creation found demand.  The idea of making shoes that support natural movement for growing feet is the main pushing power if the brand for all these years. Bobux shoes are produced with the use of innovative technologies and natural materials.

Types of shoes for different ages and purposes

Let’s look at shoe types by age

  • Until the child begins to walk, he basically does not need shoes, since its main task is to protect the foot when walking. For babies up to one year old, booties or warm socks that keep the legs warm are perfect. If you put shoes on the baby, shoes should not hinder movement. Better if they exactly follow the shape of the foot. These shoes are suitable for the first steps in enclosed spaces. In it, the baby learns to feel the feet, fingers, develops correct coordination and develops strength in the legs.
  • In children from 9 months to 3 years old, the foot must breathe, so it is important to give preference to lightweight products made from natural materials with a high top. Such options stay on the leg better, prevent excessive sweating.
  • Shoes for older girls and boys can be chosen from shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals and other styles. The main requirement is that the sole must be flexible enough, and the product itself must be breathable.

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