Best Bonpoint Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Navy blue scarf for girls

Wearing a scarf not only contributes to maintaining good health scarf is also a fashion attribute. The main problem is to find the right scarf to highlight good taste of the owner. This model of scarf for girls by Bonpoint is made to add a tasteful detail to the outfit. Even a boring outfit can become very stylish and special with adding of this item.

The scarf is 92 cm each side, made in navy blue with pink striped border and cherry print in white and pink. It is made in a soft wool and cashmere blend (80% wool, 20% cashmere), feels very soft and lightweight.

Ivory Cotton Muslins (2 Pack)

There is a certain list of items, which you need to prepare to the birth of a child. You need to have several pieces of different comfortable clothing, as well as good cloth of different warmth. In the summer of 2021, you will need at least  dozen of muslin cloths.

They have many uses, for example nursing cover or burping cloth. If you want them to be of the highest quality and at the same time look cute, pay attention to this set of Ivory muslin cloths by Bonpoint for babies. They are made in 100% soft cotton muslin. Cherries print performed in different variations is an iconic sign of the brand.

Girls ivory, red and blue tartan dress

Let us introduce you one more best selling item from a French brand Bonpoint. The company produces luxury cloths and accessories and this dress for girls is a good example that simple cut, practicality of the color choice, high quality of material equal the dress that finds appreciation among adult buyers and their kids.

This simple casual dress is made in 100% mid-weight, brushed cotton twill, it is soft and pleasant to touch and wear. Ivory, red and blue tartan fabric does not require much decoration. There is only a floral ‘Love’ appliqué on the chest. Fully lined for comfort in 100% soft, lightweight cotton.

Girls beige leather trainers 

Luxury brand with a French chic Bonpoint manufactures clothes and accessories for kids. Besides, they offer a short list of shoes for boys and girls. But every their pair of shoes is a perfection. For example, these wonderful leather trainers made in beige with pale pink suede trims.

The colors combined look very expensive and clean. The trainers have soft leather uppers with suede trims, inside they have soft leather lining and insole. Thick moulded non-slip rubber sole are white with black. The pair of shoes conveniently fastens with double velcro straps. Brand’s logo cherry motif is printed in silver on one side of each shoe.

Girls silver and pale lilac handbag

If you want to make a woman happy, buy her a beautiful bag. The same rule is applicable to young girls. They also always have what to put there. Besides, it’s a must have accessory even if it’s empty. We present you one more hit from the designers of Bonpoint – a super cute silver and pale lilac handbag with a pom-pom cherry.

The cherries are made from faux fur and tan leather, the bag – from super soft leather. There is a cotton lining inside. The shoulder strap adjusts to the eights of the child and can be changed when needed. The bag is also available in black color with bright red cherries.

Top 3 Bonpoint Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Brown Leather Cherry Sandals

Soft leather uppers
Soft leather lining & insole
Non-slip rubber sole
Slip-on with elasticated heel
Made in Europe
Not available for shipping to: Australia, Japan, Russia, Singapore

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
White Changing Bag

100% organic cotton (soft, quilted)
Lining: 100% organic cotton (soft voile)
Machine wash (30*C)
Zip fastening
Detachable adjustable shoulder strap
Total weight 0.65kg (23oz)
Organic Cotton
Not available for shipping to: Australia, Japan, Russia, Singapore

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Navy blue joggers for younger boys

100% organic cotton
Machine wash (30*C)
Liberty print
Suitable for ages 2-16 years
Made in Europe
Organic Cotton
Not available for shipping to: Australia, Japan, Russia, Singapore


Luxury clothes and accessories with French chic for kids by Bonpoint

Bonpoint kidswear is known for clever designs, natural materials and classic French chic for girls and boys. Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, a married couple, founded the brand back in 1975, but to this day every new Bonpoint collection is loved by parents and children around the world. Colorful dresses and jumpsuits, stylish Bonpoint shirts and blazers can be purchased online in every corner of the world.

Facts about Bonpoint brand of children’s clothes

Let’s mention pure facts about Bonpoint brand:

  • Range: clothing for boys and girls from infancy to twelve years old.
  • Uniqueness: Bonpoint has a true French charm. Delicate shades, intricate patterns, embroidery, airy silhouettes – everything is done so that a woman feels like an angel’s mother. No cheap flashy colors or decorations. Bonpoint’s most famous piece was the ‘country dress’, invented back in 1976 and still in production today. Advertising cards for the brand are shot by Garanse Dore, a Parisian illustrator, photographer and friend of Scott Schumann.
  • Relevance: for all its romance, Bonpoint produces clothes that look modern. It is not overloaded with details – the emphasis is always on one thing: color, pattern or cut.
  • Pricing policy: from 20 euros for socks to 260 euros for a metallic raincoat.
  • History: Bonpoint was founded in 1975 by Marie France Cohen. She, like many toddler brand founders, was a young mom who was not satisfied with the quality and design of children’s clothing at the time. Today the company’s annual turnover is approximately 50 million euros. Since 1975, the company has had a prerequisite for a stylist or designer invited to work in the company – “to be a young mother.”

Rules for choosing appropriate clothes for kids

If, when choosing children’s clothing, you pay attention to the most important points, then the shopping will end well. The right clothes for children must meet several requirements:

  • Quality. Preference should be given to natural fabrics – the baby should feel comfortable. Eco-friendly and breathable materials do not cause allergies, itching and wear discomfort. The best options are cotton, linen, cashmere, viscose, cambric and knitwear.
  • The size. Do not buy clothes “for growth”. It is inconvenient to walk in it, it must be hemmed, tucked up or put off until better times. A huge number of things are being produced now, there is no point in buying for the future.
  • Convenience. Babies do not really like to change clothes, especially infants. Therefore, the process of undressing and dressing must be quick. The presence of zippers, buttons and narrow necks will greatly complicate the task. In addition, small parts cause discomfort, crush, and interfere with movement. Also, the inconvenience is caused by rough and stitched with synthetic thread seams.

Interesting and fashionable styles are also of great importance. Kids love bright colors, interesting details, and other fancy stuff. Remember to wonder what your child wants. After all, even purely utilitarian things – school uniforms, sportswear or underwear – the child should wear with pleasure. And if you doubt you taste or have no time and desire to follow the news of every designer; if you want to know only the basic information, we give you this opportunity. Read our articles about Bonpoint and other luxury fashion brands, they are prepared by the best specialists, who can suggest what to wear and where to buy it.