Best Canada Goose Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Navy blue scarf for boys and girls 

Appreciate the durability, cold resistance and quality of the brand’s products proven over the years. Popular brand Canada Goose manufactures not only parks and jackets, you can also buy a hat or a scarf made by this brand. If you want your child to be warm in cold winter, you should buy Canada Goose products.

This navy blue scarf is a win-win choice for boys and girls. It is made in 100% Merino wool giving indescribable softness and warmth. There is a logo patch on the scarf. When buying products of Canada Goose, check the originality and make the purchase only from the trusted online shop. Dry cleaning is mandatory.

Blue Wool Pom-Pom Hat

In winter, quality of clothes your wear is especially important. It gets even more attention when it comes to clothes for children. Every item must be chosen responsible, every accessory matters in the conditions of cold climate. Baby boys and girls would like and appreciate this cute and warm bright blue hat.

Canada Goose makes it in chunky knit of 100% wool. To add warmth and comfort, the hat has a soft black fleece lining. There are two adorable pom-poms on the top looking like ears. The hat is patterned with the Canada Goose white logo. The hat is made in Italy.

Red Down Baby Snowsuit

Canada Goose is a Canadian brand that has been producing down jackets and parkas since 1957, using high-tech fabrics, natural fur and the highest quality natural filler – Canadian goose down. For the youngest customers, the brand has created this red snowsuit made from water resistant and durable polyester with a silky soft puffer lining.

Padding consists of 625 Fill Power White Duck Down. The quality of the snowsuit guarantees confortable wearing even in extreme conditions: as low as -30(*C). it fastens with two zips on front. There is a large padded hood with detachable natural fur trims and a super soft fleece panel.

Boys and girls black arctic down padded snow mittens

When the weather is cold around, the first part of the body which suffers is our hands. Especially it concerns children, who like to play in the snow. That is why we recommend buying only the best uqlity mittens for your kids, lime these black arctic down padded snow mittens produced by the king of winter outwear for children and adults.

Canada Goose makes these mittens for boys and girls two sizes for children of 2-7 years old. They are light, soft, water repellent, made with padding: 80% down, 20% feather. This is the perfect combination for the warmth of little customers.

Blue Hybridge Zip-Up Jacket

Many brands make mini-me collections, but all these experiments are successful. Canada Goose brand is very lucky and experienced. The result of their experiment is a top item for kids and their parents. This blue zip-up jacket can be bought for girls and boys. It is also available in red color.

This jacket uses soft Merino wool, with Thermal Mapping®. Down filled panels on the front create the image of a vest. There is a zip fastening on front and white and blue brand’s logo patch on the left sleeve. There are two pockets, which conveniently close with popper fastening.

Top 3 Canada Goose Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Black Down Padded Snowsuit

85% polyester, 15% cotton (water resistant, durable fabric)
Lining: 100% soft, silky nylon
Padding: 625 Fill Power White Duck Down
Style name: Grizzly
Suitable for both boys & girls
Made in Canada

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Red Down Filled Jacket

85% polyester, 15% cotton (water resistant, durable fabric)
Lining: 100% nylon
Arctic Tec: Snowstorm
Padding: 625 Fill Power White Down
Gosling Graduate System (sleeves extend 1 ½" to grow with your child)
Style name: Lynx Parka
Made in Canada

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Black Down Filled Ski Salopettes

Outershell: 85% polyester, 15% cotton
Lining: 100% nylon
Padding: 80% down, 20% feather (625 Down Fill)
Gosling Graduate System extends leg length by 2 inches
Suitable for girls & boys
Style name: Thunder Pant


The most famous down jackets in the world: history of the Canada Goose brand

The Canadian brand Canada Goose has long been known around the world for its ultra-warm winter jackets, and in general specializes in the production of winter clothing for both outdoor and everyday wear in the city. The brand’s products have appeared on movie screens more than once, for example, they can be seen in films such as

  • “The Day After Tomorrow”,
  • “National Treasure”,
  • “White Captivity”,
  • “Spectrum”,
  • “Financial Monster”,
  • “X-Men”.

How did bulky jackets become so popular and won the hearts of many show business stars?

How did the story of Canada Goose start?

The history of the Canada Goose brand begins in 1957, when Polish immigrant Sam Thicke founded Metro Sportswear Ltd. in Toronto. Having appreciated the harsh Canadian climate at its true worth, Sam realized that he could make money on the production of warm clothes and started sewing woolen tracksuits, vests and various jackets.

Until the 70s, the company did not manufacture outerwear, but when Sam’s son-in-law, David Reis, joined the business, warm and practical jackets for foresters, municipal police and environmental workers appeared in the range of the brand. In 1982, Teak sold his company to his son-in-law, and he decided to change the faceless name to the spectacular Snow Goose, after which he began producing down jackets.

In the same year, together with the climber Laurie Skreslert, who dreamed of conquering Everest, Reis created a special jacket. Warm, lightweight, comfortable and pink, it is perfect for extreme cold conditions and professional mountaineering.

At the beginning of the 90s, the production of the brand expanded significantly, and the line of down jackets entered the European market. At that moment, it became known that the brand with the name Snow Goose already existed, after which the Canadian parks had a new name, Canada Goose.

In 1997, David Race’s son Dani joined the business. In 2001, he became CEO of the company and added the words “Made in Canada” to the label, which fully reflects the patriotism of the brand, which really produces its clothes exclusively in factories in Canada and is personally responsible for the quality of products.

In 2007, the brand began collaborating with the well-known organization Polar Bears International, which protects the polar bear population in their natural habitat.

From beginning to modern Canada Goose

Canada Goose actively collaborates with adventurers, climbers, hikers and polar explorers, and one of the first and most famous “representatives” of the company was Lance McKay, the winner of the major dog sled race. In 2009, Ray Zahab in Canada Goose outfit covered the path to the South Pole in 33 days on foot, which secured a place in the Guinness Book of Records, and the brand deserved laurels of the best manufacturer of the warmest, functional and comfortable clothing.

For all its clothing, the brand has developed its own Thermal Experience Index (TEI) temperature scale, so that each customer can choose a product depending on the conditions of use and personal preferences. The TEI is measured in degrees Celsius.

The original branded jacket of the brand has only real fur on the hood, there is a unique hologram near the label, the fabric from which it is sewn is heavy, does not wrinkle and does not shine, the breast pocket does not shine through, and there are no inscriptions and logos on the loop.

If you want to be sure of the quality and authenticity of the purchased item from the collection of the Canadian brand, go to the online designer clothing store. We can advise you several checked sellers.