Best Carlomagno Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Girls Rose Pink Cotton Socks

As you know, the skin of every child is very sensitive and incredibly tender. That is why children’s socks in terms of price and quality should suit parents and children, and also be made of environmentally friendly materials. It is very important that this garment is practical and beautiful. Spanish brand Carlomagno copes with all these requirements.

These beautiful rose pink are a good example of creativity of brand’s designers. The socks are made in 75% cotton, 25% polyamide, they are soft and stretchy. There is a cute detail – pink satin bow on the ankle. These socks would become a great addition to an outfit.

Beige Cotton Socks

All children are in constant motion, therefore, it is necessary that all clothes are strong, but at the same time do not hinder movement, and outwardly be very bright and necessarily cheerful. The sizes of socks for children vary depending on how old the child is.

Carefully select the size of these adorable socks from Carlomagno in order to get the perfect fit. The socks are stretchy and soft, made from 78% cotton, 20% polyamide, 2% elastane. This pair of knee length cotton socks suits boys and girls and is produced in four sizes (from 18 to 31). This model is also available in other colors.

Girls navy blue cotton socks

The brand Carlomagno gives you a chance to choose your favorite sock models for every taste. You can buy not only socks of absolutely any color, but also white. The quality of all models is the highest possible, and the cost is incredibly attractive. You will find socks for toddlers and older children.

These socks are the heart winning model for kids and parents with good taste. Navy blue color in combination with ivory lace around the top make a great impression. Being soft and stretchy, they are made in 80% cotton, 20% polyamide. The socks are also made in pink color.

Pink Microfibre Baby Tights

All models are very beautiful. Kids will love them. For the production of children’s socks and tights, natural materials are used, and synthetics are also added. There is no doubt that the child will be very comfortable in these pink tights with lace ruffles on the bottom by Carlomagno. And you can imagine how cute she will look.

These lightweight tights are made in soft microfibre with 96% polyamide and 4% elastane. They are stretchy and comfortable in wearing. There is also same model in white color. They are the real hit in the spring of 2021. Cute baby girls in the cutest tights – perfect mix.

Girls Ivory Bow Tights

Each child needs many pairs of socks and tights for different seasons, so the problem of buying them has always been there. But now it’s in the past. It is not only convenient, but also profitable to buy children’s socksmade by Carlomagno. You can browse their catalog, which contains the widest selection of socks and tights for every taste.

We would recommend you pay attention to these ivory tights with ivory satin bows on the sides. They are made in a soft and stretchy cotton blend, perfect mixture of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane. Comfortable fit is guaranteed with a stretchy elasticated waistband.

Top 3 Carlomagno Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Girls Blue Cotton Socks

75% cotton, 25% polyamide (soft & stretchy)
Machine wash (30*C)
Ankle length
Made in Europe

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Girls Sheer Tights

90% polyamide, 10% elastane (super fine feel)
Hand wash with care / do not soak

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Girls Red Cotton Socks

78% cotton, 20% polyamide, 2% elastane (soft & stretchy)
Machine wash (30*C)
Knee length
Made in Europe


Even socks can become luxury detail. Proved by Carlomagno

Carlomango is a Spanish brand, which produces socks, stockings and other goods of this group. The products are made from the best organic cotton add decorated with bows and laces.

History of socks as a part of an outfit

The history of socks dates back to the Stone Age. Primitive people used parts of the skin of killed animals as this part of the toilet, which were wrapped around their legs, and then fixed with leather laces. The first prototype of the modern sock appeared in Ancient Greece. As a wardrobe item, short stockings evolved from women’s soft leather shoes.

It was a thing that covered the toes and heels of the feet in those ancient times. Women were in no hurry to display this piece of clothing, preferring to wear it for leisurely walks or going to bed. Men, however, were prejudiced against this curiosity. In their minds, wearing socks was considered shameful.

Half a century later, Greek men changed their beliefs, confidently walking the city streets in “leather slippers” that looked like modern socks. The notable development of hosiery reached its climax in the middle of the 15th century.

This period was marked by a special love for luxurious things, allowing the supreme rulers of Europe to feel as comfortable as possible. This fate was not spared by the “leather slippers”, which were significantly modernized, turning into a thing made of fabric, hiding not only feet and heels, but also toes.

Socks from Carlomango and their advantages

Today, the product is considered an indispensable wardrobe item that adults and children wear with pleasure. It’s time for you to buy socks from Carlomango for your son and daughter. Since the baby’s skin is quite delicate and sensitive, it is necessary to stock up on baby socks in advance. This item simultaneously performs several significant functions, namely, it keeps the fidget’s leg warm and protects the skin from irritations that can be triggered by uncomfortable shoes.

The use of even the highest quality branded shoes does not guarantee that the foot does not chafe, and therefore every parent is obliged to purchase children’s socks. Given the numerous reviews on our website, the Ukrainian consumer will be able to choose the most suitable model. When choosing a certain style, you need to pay attention to:

  • Material. Children’s socks made from natural raw materials (cotton, bamboo) are best suited. Both materials are breathable and hypoallergenic. For the winter season, it is advisable to choose children’s wool socks. Many mothers prefer to buy combined products, i.e. consisting of natural and non-natural raw materials. In this case, the percentage of artificial material should not exceed 15%.
  • The size. This type of children’s wardrobe must be purchased for future use. Otherwise, the product will slip or crush the leg.
  • Looks. With Carlomango brand of socks you do not need to care about this. All their models are just adorable.

We can help you find the best place to buy Carlomango products. Look at the list of customer’s reviews and our conclusions. To stay updated about current fashion trends and different offers of sellers, let’s keep in touch. Visit our site from time to time and subscribe to the news.