Best Catya Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Girls ivory knitted Merino wool balaclava

The modern assortment of hats for children can be surprising and at the same time cause some difficulty in choosing. There are many manufacturers, materials and other similar nuances offered on the relevant market. Catya is one of the world’s leaders in producing designer hats for kids.

This model of ivory knitted Merino wool balaclava has become one of the best selling items of the brand. It is made for girls from luxury 100% Merino wool knit. It is soft, warm and stretchy. There are two large fur pom-poms on the top. This model is also manufactured in pink color.

Pink Knitted Wool Baby Hat

It is very important that the hats for the child comply with generally accepted norms and standards, be safe and comfortable. Knitted baby hats are considered the best option, because they are made of natural materials and have many other advantages.

This luxurious pale pink Merino wool knitted hat for baby girls is presented by Catya. It is super soft and warm, made in 100% Merino wool knit. It is decorated with a bow on the top, it is made in wool and tulle, with sparkly diamanté in the center. Children from 3 months old and up to 18 months can find a suitable for them size.

Girls luxurious black beret

For this time of year, it is unlikely that a more suitable option of the hat will be found. Hats made of natural materials combine reliability and attractive appearance, ease of use and durability, adequate cost and other advantages. This cute black beret by Catya brand is not only super sift and warm, it is also a real masterpiece.

It is made in felted Merino wool. A large fur pom-pom placed on the top decorates the hat and makes it very special. This luxurious hat can be a highlight of the outfit. Combine it with a stylish coat and you get the best outfit for a young lady.

Knitted in soft and warm Merino wool

Cold seasons, especially in the places of severe climate, make us take care of our clothes and accessories more carefully. We want our kids to feel warm and protect their health. Skin on the hands also needs protection, like the skin on the face. Unfortunately, kids not always want to wear gloves or mittens.

Everything will change if you offer them these adorable knitted black gloves for girls from Catya luxury brand. The gloves are very soft, warm and stretchy, made from 100% Merino wool knit. The wrists of the cloves are trimmed with super soft beige and black fur.

Girls black headband

The main thing is to choose headwear according to the season and weather outside. The child should not be cold or hot in a headdress. High-quality knitwear protects from the wind, hypothermia and other negative influences from the outside. Meet this black headband by the Italian brand Catya.

Knitted in warm and soft Merino wool, the headband perfectly protects the ears from wind and cold and does not damage the hair dress. There is a soft fur pom-pom on the front made in black and white colors. The headband is made in Italy and the careful following of manufacturing standards.

Top 2 Catya Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Black Merino Wool & Fur Turban

100% Merino wool (chunky knit)
Fur pom-pom
Hand wash with care / do not soak
Made in Italy

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Pink Merino Wool & Fur Turban

100% Merino wool (chunky knit)
Fur pom-pom
Hand wash with care / do not soak
Made in Italy


Warm and elegant hats from Italian brand Catya

The trademark of the Catya brand, which specializes in the creation of accessories for children under the age of 10, produces hats made from environmentally friendly natural materials that retain heat, prevent overheating, do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin. The assortment includes:

  • beanie hats,
  • berets and headbands made of merino wool,
  • cotton panamas and baseball caps,
  • fishnet hats and trilby.

Products are manually decorated with prints in the form of animal faces, snowflakes, stars and flowers, geometric patterns, embroidery, appliqués, rhinestones, veils, frills, beads, bows, flowers, tassels, fringes, pom-poms and fox fur trim. The collection also includes scarves, snoods, gloves, mittens, socks, booties and headbands.

Requirements to Catya headwear for children and teenagers

Every year parents choose hats and accessories very carefully. They should also be well sewn from soft, non-biting and non-irritating fabrics. In addition, they are required to have a bright and beautiful look. A hat for a girl should be stylish, decorated in the favorite colors of little princesses (pink, red, ivory). Children’s cap for boys is kept in a calmer range or in universal colors – black, brown, blue, green.

Hats for teens are a separate category. It is important for teenagers to stand out from the crowd, but sometimes merge with it. They actively follow their appearance, fashion trends, so you should buy hats for them only with them and after their approval.

To learn the tendencies of hat fashion, look the list of top products from Catya brand. We try our best to keep you informed about new trends and collections of the leading designers. Besides, we have a huge base of checked online stores and their place in the honest rating.

How to determine the size for a child’s hat?

It is optimal to choose a children’s hat after trying on, since even different models of the same size will suit in different ways. But the sale of hats on the Internet is active and the prices there are often more favorable. You can order them online by carefully measuring the child’s head with a measuring tape.

The child’s head circumference, measured in centimeters, is the size of the headgear indicated on the tag. It is simple to take a measurement: the tape is pulled over the ears, eyebrows, through the back of the head in the most convex place, without pulling too much. You should not buy a hat that indicates the age of the child for whom it is sewn. All babies develop individually, have a different physique, so a new thing may not fit (be small or too loose).

On the label, the manufacturer indicates the size in two forms:

  • double size, for example, 48-50, 44-46;
  • exact size in 2 cm increments.

If the measurements taken are in the middle of the interval, then it is better to buy a double size. If this is not possible, then a smaller model is chosen for summer children’s hats, given that the material will stretch. But winter hats for children are taken in a larger size. Keep in mind these rules when you choose a Catya hat online. The hat should not be felt on the head. It should only keep the child warm and protected from wind.