Best Cavalli Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Ivory changing bag

Every little detail, matters when it comes to taking care of a baby. Young parents want to have everything of the highest quality and from the trusted brands. Preparing to have a baby, consider buying this cute ivory and light blue changing bag from the amazing Cavalli brand.

Luxury Italian designer is apparently well aware of nit only style, but practical issues as well. Ivory background of the fabric features brand’s logo name. There is a non-adjustable ivory shoulder strap. The bag is made in stiffened cotton jersey (94% cotton jersey, 6% elastane). The bag is lined and padded for comfort.

Pretty ivory skirt for younger girls

In the spring/ summer season 2021, the leopard pattern is trendy again. Most popular designers offer their solutions of this problem. Luxury Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has something to offer his young customers. Girls admire this ivory and brown skirt.

It is made in lightweight 100% silky polyester satin with sift and stretchy lining in 94% cotton, 6% elastane. Elasticated waistband features the brand’s logo and name made in gold on the black background. Another brand’s logo is placed on a hemline. The perfect outfit is created in combination of this cute skirt with a leather jacket and black boots.

Baby boys and girls blue and white nest

Meet a great idea for a present or purchase for own needs. Elite nest from Roberto Cavalli right from the heart of Italy. Designed and made in Italy, high quality of used materials, well recognized logo and respected brand – everything is combined in one item.

Elegant unisex blue and white nest for babies features a white Monogram logo print on the front. The nest is made in soft jersey in a tender blend of 94% cotton and 6% elastane. It is lightly padded with 100% polyester. There are three branded popper fastenings on the hood, which can be laid flat.

Gorgeous ivory babygrow

Even the very beginning of child’s life is full of special occasions. These can be family holidays or personal events, like baptism. Special occasions require beautiful outfits. Italian designer of luxury clothes for kids Roberto Cavalli offers his view on this task. This gift set includes ivory babygrow, bib and a hat made in super soft cotton jersey (94% cotton jersey, 6% elastane).

The set comes in a presentation box – another elegant details for the customers. The abygriw has a collar, popper fastening on the back and between the legs and a large logo of the brand. Other two part of the set also feature the brand’s logo.

Bright orange top for younger boys

Does your kid has a very best and favorite t-shirt? Not yet? When you buy your son this orange top  designed and manufactured by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, here will be one. Experience the total love from the first sight! Bright orange soft, stretchy jersey top is made in the blend of 94% cotton and 6% elastane – great for convenience and health.

There is a yellow lion with a blue rubberized name of the brand printed on the front. Convenient popper fastenings on one shoulder feature brand’s logo. The t-shirt is available for children from 12 months to 3 years old.

Top 3 Cavalli Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Leopard Changing Bag

94% cotton, 6% elastane
Machine wash (30*C)
Zip fastening
Fabric shoulder strap & handles
Comes with a changing mat
Weight: 0.55kg (1lb 3oz)
Made in Italy
A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Girls Sparkly Beige Sweater

RC Monogram logo print
Soft & stretchy jersey
94% cotton, 6% elastane
Made in Italy
Machine wash (30*C)

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Black & Beige Leopard Dress

94% cotton, 6% elastane (soft & stretchy jersey)
Hand wash with care / do not soak
Made in Italy


Exclusive clothes from the Italian luxury brand Cavalli

When people talk about exclusive and elite European brands, they often talk about brands that are native to Italy. This country has given the world many names associated with the world of fashion. One of the most famous Italian brands today is Roberto Cavalli.

What does Roberto Cavalli brand look like today?

The most famous models of our time have always collaborated with the Cavalli brand. For example, Kate Moss became the “face” of the brand in 2006. Celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Shakira, Christina Aguilera preferred to dress in the stores of this brand.

However, Roberto Cavalli was guided not only by the world elite. In 2007, his brand collaborated with the H&M retail chain, which targets the average consumer.

Today, haute couture clothing is represented by the Roberto Cavalli line, while items of a more affordable category can be found under the Just Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli Class labels. Children’s clothing is part of the Roberto Cavalli Angels collection. Cavalli brand stores are open all over the world.

The brand continues to hold its positions on the market of children’s fashionable clothes. Roberto Cavalli is not only a stunning piece of clothing from an incredibly famous designer, in fact, Roberto Cavalli collection is a dream embodied in fabric.

Lines and divisions of Roberto Cavalli fashion house

As the name suggests, Class Roberto Cavalli is a logical continuation of the Roberto Cavalli brand. As is often the case, a famous brand that wants to expand its target audience, while striving to remain faithful to the chosen style, so as not to scare away existing adherents, releases a kind of subsidiary brand. As a rule, it generally follows the philosophy of the main brand, while having a number of fundamental (or not too fundamental) differences. Class Roberto Cavalli is no exception.

The history of this brand can be seen in the context of the history of Roberto Cavalli as a whole. Fashion historians claim that the Roberto Cavalli brand was born in 1970. Then this brand was officially registered, and its owner received a patent for an invention that forever changed the world of high fashion.

An advanced technology, for which Roberto Cavalli received a patent in 1970, was the application of patterns to the leather through a special procedure.

From then until now, the main and all subsidiary brands of this designer have a number of characteristic features. This is the use of patchwork techniques, the use of soft leather, the so-called “animal prints” and, of course, numerous sequins and all kinds of rhinestones.

The year 1998 is considered especially significant for the Roberto Cavalli brand. It was then that the production of a completely new distribution brand called Just Cavalli was launched and new brands were launched, such as:

  • children’s clothing under the Angels and Devils brand (apparently, the designer has ambivalent feelings about children);
  • clothes for the men under the brand with the laconic name RC;
  • streetwear with the Freedom label;
  • and Class – a new word in the world of knitwear.

A characteristic feature of the Class Roberto Cavalli, which constitutes its fundamental difference from the main brand, is the price category. Of course, we are not talking about prices similar to the cost of mass-market products. However, the Class Roberto Cavalli has a much more affordable price point.

Since the collections of this brand focus on knitwear, among the lines you can find products designed for both social events and everyday life. Sophisticated and contemporary cuts are designed by a team of high-class Italian designers. The Class Roberto Cavalli brand is tailored not only in Italy, but also in Slovakia.