Best Childrensalon Hampers Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Boys Babysuit Gift Hamper

The birth of a child is a miracle of the appearance of a new person in the world, this event is very joyful and unforgettable. And, of course, all relatives and friends, and especially young parents, are looking forward to this event. If you want to congratulate a happy young family, there is a good offer for you – this four-piece gift set for baby boys exclusively from Childrensalon Hampers.

The set includes one sailor-style white Mini-La-Mode cotton romper with a collar and anchor images, Early Days Baypods faux leather shoes with the matching sea thematic design, knitted shawl by Sarah Louise and brush & comb set by Pasito a Pasito.

Lion Baby Hamper

When the long-awaited child is born, everyone rushes to congratulate young parents and see the baby. In this bustle, of course, one should not forget about gifts. Childrensalon Hampers offers this adorable gift set in the Lion topic. The set comes in a beautiful branded box and contain es three pieces: cotton jersey Powell Craft babygrow with a matching bib having the same lion embroidery and plush Jellycat lion toy.

The clithes is made in soft cotton, the toy has CE certification. The set is suitable for girls and boys and can be bought in two sizes. This is a good choice if you buy a present before you know the sex of a child.

London Baby Gift Hamper

Childrensalon Hampers can help you choose a gift and congratulate the newly-made parents and baby. For a gift to parents, you can choose various photo trees, because there are more family members and it is worth having a family tree. Or you may choose one of the carefully-selected gift boxes by Childrensalon Hampers.

This four-piece set for baby girls and boys is a great opportunity to show your love to the newborn. The set consists of: matching Magnolia Baby Pima Cotton babygrow, with a hat and a cute swaddle blanket. There is also a Paddington bear rattle by Rainbow Designs.

My Little Princess Baby Hamper for girls

Let your gifts please both parents and kids and be pleasant memories for parents about the first days spent with their son or daughter! Giving this amazing gift set box from Childrensalon Hampers, you demonstrate your love to the parents, as well as give them useful things.

The set comes in a branded gift box with a lace bow. The set consists of cotton babygrow and blanket by Rachel Riley; silver plated Bam Bam keepsake box and rubber bath toy; and tulle & Swarovski Cute Cute headband. This is a great gift set with a dressing for the bath and bedtime.

My Little Prince Baby Hamper for boys

In many cases people do not know what to give new parents as a gift for child’s birth. Sometimes even young parents themselves don’t know what they would need, especially when they are having the first baby. For such cases, Childrensalon Hampers create their well thought-out gift sets.

This one is made for baby boys in two sizes: for 3 months and 6 months. The 5 piece set contains Rachel Riley cotton blanket and babygrow, and three products by Bam Bam – dummy clip made of wood, silver plated keepsake box, rubber duck toy for bath. This set is made in blue color, similar one exists in pink.

Top 3 Childrensalon Hampers | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Little Bunny gift box set for baby girls

Cotton Sofija babygrow
Lace acrylic knit Sarah Louise shawl (117cm)
Plush Jellycat toy (CE certified from birth)
3 piece set
Comes in a Childrensalon gift box

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Pink swan gift box set for baby girls

Cotton jersey Sofija babygrow
Pima Cotton Lemon Loves Layette Blanket (90cm)
Stretchy Cute Cute headband
3 piece set
Comes in a Childrensalon Gift Box

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
The perfect gift box set for baby boys and girls

Kissy Kissy Pima cotton babygrow, bodysuit & hat
Naturapura knitted organic cotton blanket
Wooden Pasito a Pasito dummy clip
Natural rubber Sophie la Girafe toy
Suitable for boys & girls
6 piece set
Comes in a Childrensalon gift box

First presents to a newborn baby from Childrensalon Hampers

The birth of a child is an extremely important event not only for the mother, but also for those around her, including the whole family. Of course, there comes the need to give a present. It is better if you give something that will be useful not only for the mother, but also for the child, and, possibly, for the father, when he also takes on some of the responsibilities of caring for the baby.

Variety of presents for newborn babies

For this occasion, many brands of baby products release a special gift set. Childrensalon Hampers is one of the best of them. The contents of the kits are naturally different. It all depends on what a particular brand is producing. Inside there may be:

  • clothes for the little one,
  • a bottle and a pacifiers,
  • a blanket,
  • a basket and a teether,
  • or some hygiene products.

All this, no doubt, will be useful for a young mother, the only question is what is more needed.

The second version of the newborn kit is a little more complicated. It lies in the fact that you select the necessary goods yourself. As a rule, young parents need much staff. Therefore, you can choose anything for a gift: clothes, creams, bottles, pacifiers, diapers.

List of necessary things for a little baby

You can find out what is needed in the first few days from the young mother herself. Most likely, she has long looked through all the products that interest her, or even made a small list. There is, of course, a chance that some of the things young parents have already purchased. Therefore, it is best to check with the happy couple what has already been purchased before buying. So, for the first days of the baby, a young mother will need:

  • Bathing accessories. This includes a bath, a towel, and various detergents. Moreover, detergents can be purchased as a separate gift set. As a rule, it is even more profitable. Please note that detergents must be hypoallergenic. Typically, this is written on the packaging and label. A thermometer is a good option to measure the correct water temperature. If this is the first child, parents may not yet know such subtleties. Bathing accessories also include a soft washcloth – where without it.
  • Skin care creams and oils. Here you can select according to your own choice. Diaper rash cream paired with something else is usually a great option. If you combine it yourself, you can combine the cream and bathing products of your choice.
  • Means for feeding. Moreover, it can be both a holy classic – a bottle + a nipple (some sets make a bottle + body option), or something that is necessary for the mother herself. This can be a feeding pillow, an extremely convenient accessory.
  • Clothing. It is not necessary to give a lot of various clothes – the child simply does not have time to vilify all this, as it should. The baby will grow out of its current size very quickly, and the clothes will remain unclaimed. If you have firmly decided to give clothes, choose no more than two or three pieces of each garment. Bodysuits, rompers, undershirts, slips – all of this a child grows up within a month. Warm clothes … here it depends on the climate.
  • Toys. You may not be in a hurry with toys too much. You will still have time. But if you really want to give something that the child can use right now, the section with toys for newborns will help you. If you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, choose a teether, mobile, or rattle. As a rule, they are suitable for both boys and girls. Especially if you choose a toy in a neutral color.

If you need more ideas for a present or want to buy a good set, choose Childrensalon Hampers gift sets. Below, you can find an overview of the most popular of them. On our site, you can always find new ideas and options of getting the best items for kids.