Best Disney Baby Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Adorable white and black spot ‘101 Dalmations’ dress-up costume

In the collection of clothes produced by Disney Baby, a special place is occupied by children’s carnival and masquerade costumes. After all, what kind of children’s party would it be without them? Fancy dress for children is not just clothes for the holidays.

Younger children, both boys and girls, can enjoy this white and black spot dress-up costume in the theme of ‘101 Dalmations’. The costume consists of all-in-one suit, a hat and detachable tail. The hat has ears and a velcro fastening chin strap. There are non-slip soles and convenient velcro fastening at the back. Such a great choice of a dressing up costume!

Baby girls’ dressing-up ‘Sleeping Beauty’ costume 

Putting on a dressing up costume is an opportunity to reincarnate and be at least a little in the guise of your favorite character, to be inside a familiar fairy tale. For children, you can buy our carnival and fancy dress costumes made by Disney Baby brand. Sleeping beauty is one of the most favorite princesses of girls.

Becoming this character can make the girls completely happy. And it is possible with this dressing up costume by Disney Baby. The set consists of a pink satin pinafore dress and tiara headband. It is available for the youngest girls up to 2 years old.

The Incredibles Baby Costume

Are you planning a costume party of any occasion, an important performance or a home celebration? Don’t waste your time. Rather, start choosing a carnival outfit that will suit your baby. With the collection from Disney Baby, you have your attention and a decision made: who does your baby want to be?

The child will be able to become: a pirate, superhero, princess, etc. This costume of ‘The Incredibles’ is a good choice for a boy or a girl of the first year of life. It is made in soft and comfortable cotton jersey and has pooper fastenings for convenience.

Made with puffy sleeves and a frilled bustle waist

Childhood is inextricably linked with a series of holidays. And when, if not being a child, to be in the role of your favorite hero or cute animal. In childhood, there are more than enough such occasions – therefore, it is not at all necessary to dwell on one thing!

If you need to dress in a fancy dress a girl, pay attention to the outfit of Cinderella by Disney Baby. Silky satin material of blue color will shimmer under dance lights will make your baby a little princess. The dress has white puffy sleeves and a frilled bustle waist.

Magical Rapunzel herself dress

Let the choice of costume be based on two stages. The first is to ask other parents who the other children are supposed to be. In order not to duplicate images. The second is to analyze the character of the child and ask yourself, the role of which fairy-tale character was entrusted to your little one at the children’s matinee.

Any baby girl will look adorable in the role of Rapunzel. Purple polyester satin dress with smooth feel features Rapunzel on the front. Velcro fastening guarantees easy changing. There are appropriate sizes for girls from three months to two years old.

Disney Baby

The American brand of children’s clothing, shoes and stuffed toys Disney Baby does not require a special introduction, because there are few people who have never heard of it. Since childhood, we all watched cartoons and fairy tales released at the Walt Disney film studio, we all loved and probably forever remained in our hearts his heroes, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Chip and Dale and many others.

Today, the Disney brand not only encompasses the production of cartoons and films, but also offers fashionable and high quality Disney children’s clothing. Clothes for newborns from this American brand are always decorated with your favorite characters from Disney fairy tales.

Elegant dresses for girls, formal and festive costumes for boys delight and bewitch. But, in addition to children’s clothing, Disney soft toys and all kinds of accessories for children, such as sets of dishes, cups, spoons, backpacks, sippy cups and much more, are produced under the same brand.

Did you know that Disney produces not only cartoons?

Children and adults adore Walt Disney cartoons, on which more than one generation has grown up. When a product with the image of a famous character appears on the market, it is impossible to pass by it calmly. What delight was caused by the Disney Baby collection of children’s clothing when it appeared.

The studio’s main production is known to be cinematography and animation. But in collaboration with designers and the best textile manufacturers, children’s clothing is created with images of characters. The goal of the company is to turn shopping into a joyful action for the whole family and surround children with their favorite heroes.

Who is the Disney Baby collection for? Disney Baby cares for babies from birth. There are lines for newborns, children 2-4 years old, preschoolers and schoolchildren. Boys and girls will find a character to their liking at any age. The collections are divided into three types:

  • Everyday children’s clothing made from natural materials with a print of a favorite character makes children feel free;
  • Carnival costumes transform the kid into a brave hero or a gentle princess and allow him to open up from a new side;
  • Accessories in the form of a hat and mittens will warm the child no worse than your love and will make them stand out among the children.

Reputation of Disney Baby company comes first

First of all, the Company values ​​its name, therefore it guarantees the high quality of Disney Baby clothes. But, like all well-known brands, it suffers from counterfeits. You can protect yourself if you buy in a safe place. Our service collects customer reviews to guide decision making.

If in doubt, rate the quality and try on a home purchase, then pay. To support the image, the manufacturer uses fabrics through which the skin breathes. This is important for an infant, since the processes of thermoregulation and sweating have not yet been developed in the body of a newborn.

Soft seams are another sign of quality. Taking care of your little ones, Disney Baby offers a wide selection of baby clothes for all seasons. Collaborates with global clothing brands such as GAP. The aim of our service is to help you make the right choice. We are happy to give good service to children and parents.