Best Donsje Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Grey Leather Baby Boots

One of the main characteristics to be evaluated when choosing shoes for children is a correct sole. Correctly sewn children’s shoes always have durable, not necessarily thick, but flexible soles. For example, a rubber outsole with combs will provide proper grip on the floor or road, and protect against slipping.

Flexibility is checked by bending-unbending the product in hands. These cutest grey super soft leather boots are made in two versions. For children of up to 1 y.o. they come non-slip suede outer sole. Children of 12-24 months get rubber flexible sole. Faux fur lining is super soft. Cotton ribbons decorate and fasten the boots.

Yellow Leather Lion Boots

Correct children’s footwear should provide a rolling motion when walking. Besides, the soles must be flexible. Another requirement for the sole is its weight. Too heavy options make it difficult for children to move. Cute boots from Donsje answer all these requirements.

Yellow-brown boots in the shape of lion are suitable for boys and girls. They are made in soft nubuck leather outer and with soft faux fur lining. They have appliqué ears and adjustable velcro fastening strap. The outer soles change according to the age of a child – rubber soles in models over 1 y.o. The boots come in a gift bag with a bell charm.

Brown Leather Donkey Boots

The correct size of shoes for children is, without exaggeration, a matter of baby’s health. Shoes of the right size should provide enough space for the baby’s foot, but not be too large. Ideally, the space between the front of the shoe and the toe should match the width of your finger.

Meanwhile, we must not forget that children’s legs grow quickly. Check the size regularly. And buy the correct size of these beautiful donkey-shaped boots from Donsje. They are made in brown super soft leather and have warm faux fur sheep wool lining. Every pair is handcrafted, products may have subtle variations.

Brown Leather Reindeer Hat

Dutch designer Donsje creates not only shoes, but same adorable hats and accessories as well. Just look at this most adorable hat in the world. What a beautiful brown reindeer hat is created for girls and boys by Donsje designer. It is a handmade masterpiece, made in soft leather with 100% faux fur lining.

The hat has cute ears and antler appliqués. Velcro chin strap is adjustable to suit the child. The hat is sold in a fabric bag with a bell charm. There are two available sizes: 1-2 years, 2-3 years. If your child likes animals, he or she will love this hat.

Brown leather Deer mittens

When children are small, parents want to surround them with the most beautiful things. The same wish concerns the clothes parents buy for their children. That is one of the secrets of popularity of Donsje design. These people know how to satisfy the needs of parents.

These leather Deer mittens are the cutest in the world. They are made for children from 1 to 4 years old. Depending on the size, they have or have no thumb. They are handmade in soft nubuck leather and have soft eco fur lining. The mittens have a strap to thread through the sleeves.

Top 3 Donsje Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Off-White Leather Baby Sandals

Soft nubuck leather upper
Soft leather lining
Velcro fastening straps on back of sandal
Non-slip suede outer sole (size: 0-6 to 6-12 months)
Rubber flexible sole (size: 12-18 & 18-24 months)
Style name: Tuti Fields - Daisy
Comes in a gift bag with a bell charm
Handmade - products may have subtle variations

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Grey Leather Rhino Hat

Outer: 100% super soft leather
Lining: 100% faux fur
Wipe clean with care / do not soak
Velcro chin strap
Comes in a fabric bag
Handmade - subtle variations may occur
Style name: Kapi Rhino
Suitable for girls & boys
Comes in a gift bag with a bell charm

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Pink Leather Unicorn Mittens

Soft nubuck leather
Water-resistant textile lining on the palms
Faux fur lining
Wipe clean with a dry cloth
Velcro fastening strap to thread through sleeves
Style name: Kapi Unicorn
Size 1-2 year do not have thumbs
Size 3-4 years have thumbs
Suitable for boys & girls


Animalistic handmade children’s shoes and accessories by Donsje

Donsje Amsterdam brand has been producing handmade children’s shoes and accessories since 2013. The brand is headquartered in the Netherlands. The booties and boots are produced in their own factories in Indonesia and China. The brand produces two lines of footwear: for babies and for children from 2 to 6 years old.

The pair’s designs are inspired by vintage kids’ boots from the 1950s: the leather is slightly aged, dyed in muted colors and adorned with petite animal faces. Winter models are insulated with fur and natural sheepskin. All pairs are designed so that the child can put them on himself: high boots are devoid of lacing, and ankle-length shoes are complemented by comfortable wide laces and ribbons.

Why we choose Donsje brand for kids?

A distinctive feature of Donsje Amsterdam children’s shoes are expressive appliqués with an animal motif. Most boots and booties are complemented by decor in the form of animal faces with voluminous ears. At the same time, the assortment includes models decorated with bows, draperies and scalloped patterns.

In the production of each pair of shoes for children, the designers of the Donsje Amsterdam brand rely on manual labor: from connecting all the parts together to finishing. Among the materials, preference is given to:

  • elastic grained leather,
  • matte nubuck,
  • textured suede,
  • calf or pony leather with a short dense pile.

Winter models are insulated with sheepskin or fur of a contrasting shade. Such products keep the temperature that is optimal for the feet well, leaving the feet dry and warm.

To learn more about the brand Donsje, its new collections and trends of the kids’ fashion, please, follow our blog. Here, you can learn the news, as well as see the hottest products from Donsje brand and most reliable places to buy them.

Parameters of choosing shoes for kids

Buying shoes for children may be difficult. Adults try on shoes or boots, we understand whether they fit us or not, what we don’t like and what makes it uncomfortable. And the kid is unable to explain whether it is comfortable for him to wear a new pair. In addition, loving parents must remember: good shoes for a baby should be not so much fashionable as comfortable and meet anatomical requirements. This is the only way to protect children from orthopedic problems at an older age.

  • Velcro or laces in children’s shoes are not an element of decor, but a detail that allows you to adjust shoes to the required fullness of the leg. Velcro is a more practical option, but laces are more useful because they allow you to more closely follow the anatomical shape of the leg. If you choose the lace option, make sure the laces are long enough to be tied in double knots (this will prevent untightening).
  • Lightweight breathable material is what you need for children’s feet, especially if you buy summer shoes. It is better to give preference to soft leather and natural fabrics. Avoid hard faux leather (can interfere with the proper development of the foot) and synthetics (increases sweating of the feet). If there is a need to buy waterproof shoes, then the choice should be made in favor of a material that does not allow moisture from the outside, but “breathes” from the inside.

Do not try to save on kids’ shoes. It’s the time when the feet grow, no place for experiments.