Best Dr. Kid Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Boys mustard yellow trousers 

Dr. Kid is a national brand of children’s clothing that designs collections for newborns, children and adolescents. Fully designed and manufactured in Portugal, Dr. Kid inspires his collections with a curious and attentive view of the world, different cultures, nature and the entire universe of children.

Even simple trousers for boys in the collection of Dr. Kid look terrific thanks to the rich mustard yellow and classic five-pocket jeans style. This model is made in stretchy cotton with soft brushed feel (98% cotton, 2% elastane). They have a zip fastening and a button. Adjustable waistband is the best solution for growing kids.

Pretty grey shorts 

In each of the collections by Dr. Kid, the models are perfectly combined with each other and assembled into ready-made images. This is the principle of total look, which greatly helps parents in a matter of minutes to choose the things they like, even without trying on and after the purchase – to instantly dress up the child.

These casual grey shorts by Dr. Kid can be easily mixed with different types of tops. The shorts are made in soft, narrow corduroy with a maximum use of cotton (97%). They have inverted pleats and two small velvet bows on the front.

Grey knitted baby blanket 

There are so many goods, which parents need to the birth of a child. Many items must be prepared in advance. Some of them must be chosen personally, others are a good option for a present. Blanket for a baby belongs to the second group. And this Dr. Kid knitted baby blanket becomes a hit of the spring of 2021.

Grey color is universal for boys and girls. The soft knit of 40% wool, 30% viscose, 20% polyamide, 10% cashmere blend is perfect for walks in cool spring. It feels warm and cozy. The blanket has cable border with white dot trim and two cute grey satin bows in the corners.

Sweet ivory top for younger girls 

Choosing clothes, you first of all think about quality, style and fashion. And that’s understandable and correct. But what if we tell you that wearing clothes can be entertaining as well? In the new season, Dr. Kid has something to surprise you with. Beautiful ivory top is produced for younger girls from 6 months to 4 years old.

It is made in soft and stretchy cotton jersey (90% cotton, 10% elastane). There is an adorable print on the front – a girl holding stars lime balloons. The stars sparkle with reversible sequins in pink and navy blue colors. Matching navy blue tulle trims highlight the front and hemline.

White blouse and pink shorts and cardigan set

Children under 1 year old are not left without attention in the new Spring/ Summer season of 2021 by Dr. Kid brand. This luxury brand of high quality clothes for children presents its youngest clients the cutest pink and white set of all times. It consists of a white blouse, pink shorts and a knitted cardigan.

The blouse, made in 100% soft, lightweight plumeti cotton, has a trimmed collar and unfastens on the back with buttons. The cutest polka shorts have pom-poms on the bows on the front and ruffles. The pretty softly knitted cardigan is patterned in white around the shoulders. It is made in the blend of 40% wool, 30% viscose, 20% polyamide, 10% cashmere.

Top 3 Dr. Kid Children | Best Choice

Ariana Dee Red Coat

Ariana Dee Red Coat
Blue Cotton Dress

57% cotton, 43% polyester (soft, lightweight)
Lining: 100% soft cotton poplin
Machine wash (30*C)
Zip & tie fastenings on the back
Made in Europe

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Knitted Cotton Blanket

100% soft cotton knit
Machine wash (30*C)
Suitable for baby boys & girls
Made in Europe

A Dee Coat

A Dee Coat
Blue Cotton Shortie

65% cotton, 35% polyester (soft)
Machine wash (30*C)
Button fastenings on the back & between the legs
Made in Europe


Inspiring collections for newborns, toddlers and children by Dr. Kid

Dr.Kid is a national brand of children’s clothing that develops collections for newborns, toddlers and children. Fully designed and manufactured in Portugal, Dr.Kid seeks inspiration for its collections by carefully and curiously examining the world, different cultures, nature and the entire universe of children. The main specialization of the Dr.Kid brand is knitted jersey made of high quality wool, cotton, cashmere.

Clothes with a soul by Dr. Kid from Portugal

Dr Kid presents children’s clothing and accessories from Portugal. The main assortment is represented by models for newborns, toddlers and preschoolers.

The company produces 2 collections a year – autumn-winter and spring-summer. The main factory of the company is located in Portugal, all of the brand’s designers and artists are local professionals. The national character is reflected in the images created by Dr. Kid.

First of all, these are of course colors. Red, white, blue is a traditional palette for maritime countries. Striped patterns, prints with anchors and shells, ribbons, cords, metal rivets – all the decor has a nautical theme. In every model, whether it is a windproof parka for a cool fall, or a light summer dress, you can feel the wind, the ocean, and the hot sun.

Dr Kid focuses on Old Europe. Therefore, in addition to cruise motives, national and cultural ones are also strongly felt. For example,

  • a Scottish cage,
  • deer sweaters,
  • Norwegian braids on knitwear,
  • collars and cuffs of shirts embroidered with Baltic patterns, and so on.

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Peculiarities of producing clothes for children

Fabrics with a classic pattern of peas, stripes, cages, and plant ornaments are widely used in the collections of clothes for children of different age groups. However, the nature of the floral ornament should be simple, understandable to the child, so that the child has a desire to examine it, to find the same motive in nature.

Interesting fabrics with a thematic pattern, the motives of which are taken from the surrounding of the child, well-known objects, songs, fairy tales, poems. Children like them awaken their curiosity, stimulate the child’s imagination and even the desire to portray fairy-tale characters, imitate the representatives of professions understandable to children, etc.

The size of the pattern on the fabric should be small, in proportion to the size of the product and the entire child’s figure, since a pattern that is too large can visually distort the figure.

The simplicity and clarity of the pattern on the fabric should be emphasized and reinforced by its clear rhythmic construction. The rhythmic repetition of the pattern on the fabric helps to consolidate its image in the child’s memory. Drawings, especially thematic ones, should not densely fill the background of the fabric, otherwise it will be difficult for a child to perceive it.

The constructive and compositional solution of children’s clothing has its own characteristics that distinguish it from how clothing for adults is created.