Best French Cyrillus Products for Spring/Summer 2021 Season Sale

Mustard yellow cotton tights for girls

It is important to choose the right size for tights and socks. Bigger tights will fall off and gather like an accordion, causing calluses and diaper rash. Tight ones also harm babies, they contribute to poor circulation and improper development of the baby’s feet.

This model of tights by Cyrillusis availab,e in sizes 23-38. These stretchy and soft tights of a beautiful mustard yellow color are also available in three other color options: grey, navy blue and ivory. Ribbed structure of material is achieved by the blend of 78% cotton, 20% polyamide, 2% elastane. The tights have a comfortable stretchy waistband.

Girls pretty white cotton jersey top 

When choosing the design of children’s clothing, it should be remembered that clothes, like everything that surrounds a child, actively affects his psyche, therefore, it performs a socially significant educational function. Choosing tender and elegant outfit, you avoid aggression and other negative emotions of the child. 

Cyrillus produces appropriate clothes for children. This white cotton jersey top by Cyrillus brand is a mix of practical piece of clothing and elegantly detailed item. Round collar with a floral print is the only decoration. The cotton jersey top is soft and stretchy. Girls from 3 to 12 years old can find this top in a suitable for them size.

Soft and cosy for baby boys

The brand Cyrillus has provided new items in the upcoming spring-summer 2021 season not only for older children, but also for very little ones. Simplicity and practicality are integral to the brand. This garment was created in this recognizable style.

Casual grey velour babygrow by Cyrillus is what you are looking for in everyday use. It is soft and cozy (77% cotton, 23% polyester). Instead of a collar, there is a white blue checkered bib, which is fastened with buttons. Matching trims separate the feet, making the suit more convenient in wearing. There are popper fastenings on back of babygrow.

Girls navy blue skort 

It looks like skorts (the middle between shorts and skirt) will be popular in the new S / S 2021 season. The brand Cyrillus offers its own interpretation of this theme. Skort is the most comfortable, practical and beautiful item that is why parents and children love them so much.

This navy blue skort is a great choice for school as well as daily wear. From the front it looks like a skirt with pockets decorated with three buttons. From the back you can see that these are shorts with an elastic belt. They can be combined with gray and black tights for official purposes and bright tights or golfs to create bright looks.

Cute brown leather bag for girls

Correctly selected accessories will make your look stylish and relevant, even if it is a familiar set of clothes for every day. You will be able to change images every day, having only basic things at your disposal. Adding such a cute bag with ears from the French brand Cyrillus to the simple outfit, the girl looks charming and has an interesting detail in her look.

This small brown leather bag has a popper fastening for a nose on the cat’s face on the front. There is one main compartment for the necessary things to carry. There is an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.

Fine quality clothes for every family member from the French Cyrillus

Cyrillus is a stylish and sophisticated fashion, home collections from France for the whole family, combining classic and modern.

Only facts in brief about Cyrillus

French fashion for the whole family from Cyrillus brand. The catalog contains stylish, elegant and up-to-date models from quality materials for men, women and children.

  • Target audience of the brand: middle-income families and working women from 35 to 45 years old.
  • What can you buy here? The brand specializes in the production of clothing for adults and children. As a rule, the models are made in classical and neoclassical styles, sometimes romantic notes are noticeable in them. Particular attention is paid to details: stitching of seams, decorative elements. This allows even the most unassuming models to look good.
  • In addition to clothes, the brand manufactures goods for the home: curtains, laundry baskets, lamps, dishes, funny hangers. In a word, everything that makes our life more pleasant and comfortable. Housewives will find here home textiles, serving utensils, and accessories for the children’s room. The nice thing is that Cyrillus always has discounts on certain products. They can reach 50 percent or more.
  • The history of the brand began in 1977, when a son, Cyril, appeared in one of the young French families. Parents themselves invented clothes for him. So the first collection was born, and later the trade mark, named after his son.

Now, under the Cyrillus sign, there are more than 62 stationary retail outlets in France and Europe, as well as 10 franchise stores in Japan. Besides, company’s products are sold all over the world in online stores. To find the best proposals, read the recommendations of our experts. Besides, on our site you can always learn about the places of the best shopping for kids. Stay with us!

Find the variety of items for kids from Cyrillus brand

At Cyrillus you will find the latest French clothing collections for women, men, children and babies. The combination of timeless beautiful classic looks and stylish fashion trends creates a special touch. The women’s collection features clean lines and fantastically beautiful details, featuring tight-fitting black dresses, lovely jackets, slim trousers and exclusive twinsets.

The Cyrillus collection for men enchants with natural materials, noble colors and a relaxed look. French kids fashion offers so many great things: shirts, pants, T-shirts and Bermuda shorts for boys, original dresses and colorful cardigans for girls. In addition, in the online stores you can find cute clothes for newborns and babies in beautiful pastel colors from natural fabrics made by Cyrillus.

In addition to charming fashion collections for women, men and children, the Cyrillus brand offers stylish and practical household goods and interior items. Bring fresh air into your home with Cyrillus thanks to home textiles and interior decoration.

Here you will find an exquisite selection of home textiles: bed linen (duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases), bathroom textiles (terry towels, washcloths, baby robes) and table accessories (napkins, tablecloths). Discover a wide selection of decorative items and home accessories (curtains, window shades, pillows and more) to give your room the style and chic that characterizes the Cyrillus brand.